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Carly Watson


Hey there! I am a born and raised Vancouverite, with a passion for everything B.C. I love everything about our Canadian West Coast, especially the things we create here. Craft brewed beer is especially one of my favourite, and is extremely popular in our society today. Everywhere you look a new craft brewery is popping up in Vancouver and throughout the lower mainland, and I am more than excited to try them all! Being an avid lover of broadcast and radio, I have a passion, also, for telling people all about the things I love, which is one of the main reasons I got involved in 5somewhere radio. I have the opportunity to experience the things I love and share them with others so that they can love them too.

While it is hard to choose just one, my favourite brew to sip on is the Imperial Chocolate Stout from Granville Island Brewery. It is an American Double/Imperial Stout that is a rich and welcoming taste to pair with the wet nights we often get here in Raincouver. The deep colour isn’t the only rich thing about this beer, since it is brewed with four malt varieties, the flavour aroma is incredible. It also includes organic, fair-trade chocolate from Roger’s Chocolates.

I am excited, however, to adventure out in the world of craft beer in Vancouver and see everything else there is to offer.

Stephanie Lanz


Hi! My name is Stephanie Lanz. I am 22 years old. I am currently attending BCIT for the Radio Broadcasting and Entertainment program, which I am loving. My hobbies and interests include hiking, the drums, socializing with my friends, animals and .. well.. BEER! I have a lust for life and I absolutely love learning new things and diving into anything. (Not literally)  I am currently working as a server and hostess at Brew Street | Craft Kitchen in Port Moody and I am fortunate enough to be able to try ALL 50 beers that we have on tap, might I say, all the craft beers that I tried have completely blown me away. My favourite beer that which we offer is  Schöfferhofer Weizen which is a wheat beer from Germany. It is a delicious fruity, citrus beer with a hint of clove. When I first had this beer, I was blown away at how fresh and delicious it was. It was found in 1870 and can be characterized as ‘sleek’ and elegant. Truly the drink of the Gods. IF YOU HAVE NOT TRIED IT, YOU ARE NOT REALLY LIVING!

Growing up in Vancouver, my love for beer developed instantly when I became legal drinking age. I find that when you are in company of great people and great beer, the world just seems to slow down and all the planets feel aligned! Beer is not only great to taste, but it is a great topic of conversation. And in Vancouver, it’s hard to find a fellow Vancouverite who doesnt have a certain level of love or respect for beer.


Mackenzie Richmond


A beer enthusiast and beer adventurer. Born and raised in B.C. Always looking for the next best brew and brewery. Lover of the local beer vibes in Vancouver and B.C.

Vancouver has always been the place to be for avid beer drinkers like myself, not only is Vancouver a popular watering hole but the rest of B.C. has plenty of exciting beers to taste. With this show we are able to explore all of what B.C. has to offer for beer.

The beers I’ll be most excited to taste this season will be the wheat ales especially Steamworks “Summer Saison.” Not only the wheats ales, but Parallel 49 Brewing Banana Hammock Summer Hefeweizen.

Zac Smith


Welcome to 5 Somewhere! My name is Zac Smith and I am a 22 year old Radio Arts and Entertainment student here at BCIT. I am hoping to become an on air personality after I finish at school. I have thoroughly enjoyed everything I have learned so far at BCIT.

My hobbies include hockey, football, youtube, and hanging out friends. Really I just like hanging out with my cats though. I am North Shore born and raised and an avid beer drinker ever since 2008. I enjoy all the local breweries that Vancouver’s North Shore has to offer. One of my favourite summer pastimes is to head to the local breweries with a couple of friends and try a cold beer. Nothing beats a beer on a hot summer day.

My favourite beer is a Sleeman Honey Brown Lager. Honey Brown boasts a creamy, off-white foam, rich copper colour, a touch of natural honey and a slightly sweet finish which creates a full-bodied lager.

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