When and Where

Most of us can agree that there IS a time and a place to be throwing back delicious beers. (Unfortunately) There are times and places where you may want to refrain from having a nice cold one. But lets focus on the top 5 times and places (and events) where we SHOULD be drinking beer!


5. Your Average Friday. Give one reason why slammin’ a refreshing brew with your buds after a long and gruelling week is a bad idea. You probably can’t. Which is why Your Average Friday comes in as our 5th BEST time and place to have a beer. Come on, you’ve earned it!

The best beer to drink on the average friday is Parallel 49 Gypsy Tears. 

4. Saint Patrick’s Day. There’s clearly a couple of good reasons to have a beer on St. Paddy’s day. This one should be fairly obvious. Even if you have no Irish blood cursing through your veins, you can still throw it back as well as the next lad. SO go on now, this is your only chance to dress like a leprechaun, pinch non-partakers and kiss a couple of Irish beauts. Saint Patrick’s day comes in at number 4. Kiss me I’m Irish, or drunk, or whatever.

The best beer to drink on Saint Patrick’s day is Guinness Black Lager.

3. A Good Ol’ Hockey Game. We thought long and hard about what should be at number 3 on our Top 5 Best Times and Places to Drink Beer. If you’re enjoying a good game of puck ‘n’ stick, mix in a beer. It might not enhance your vision and precision but it will sure as H E double hockey sticks be a good time whether you’re AT the game or just watching with a couple buds.

The best beer to drink for a hockey game is an ice cold Molson Canadian Premium Lager.. Okay it’s not the BEST but you pretty much have no other choice. -M.R

2. Your Birthday. This one is a given. No questions asked. Go. Go have a beer or 8.

The best beer to drink on your birthday is Yellow Dog Play Dead IPA.

1. Oktoberfest. Okay, we know this sounds a little elaborate, but ya just got to get to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany at least once in your life. There are too many beers to even LIST! More than 6 million people visit each year and runs for 16 days. You could call it the best binge of your life. If you just can’t get out to Germany, do your own Oktoberfest with some fruendes (friends).

The best beer to drink at Oktoberfest or a Moktoberfest is Schofferhofer Grapefruit Ale. (If you head on down to Brew St. in Port Moody, ask for a Hasselhofer – 1 shot of tequila dropped into Schofferhofer. It will change your life.)



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